Medical Team

Equilae is the Knee and Arthroscopic Surgery Unit of the Catalan Institute of Traumatology and Sports Medicine (ICATME, Institut Català de Traumatologia i Medicina de l’Esport). A team dedicated to the comprehensive treatment of orthopedic and traumatic pathologies of the knee, specializing in arthroscopic surgery treatments in particular.

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Knee Pathologies

The knee joint is made up of the femur, tibia and patella. Between the femur and tibia, there are two crescent-shaped fibrocartilaginous structures called menisci. This joint comprises the medial and lateral collateral ligaments as well as the anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments. The study of each of them individually and together is what will lead us to providing the right treatment for each patient.

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Within this framework oriented toward promoting the exchange of knowledge, the unit has fellowship programs of varying duration which have also been endorsed by those previously cited organizations. These programs are aimed at resident doctors and specialists in orthopedics and traumatology that are interested in the aforementioned fields in order to convey knowledge, share experiences and generate cultural exchanges.

Joan Carles Monllau García

Doctor of Medicine

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Latest papers

  • Autograft soaking in vancomycin reduces the risk of infection after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction Daniel Pérez-Prieto, Raúl Torres-Claramunt, Pablo E. Gelber, Tamer M. A. Shehata, Xavier Pelfort, Joan Carles Monllau European Society of Sports Traumatology, Knee Surgery, Arthroscopy, November 2014
  • A Novel Association between Femoroacetabular Impingement and Anterior Knee Pain Vicente Sanchis-Alfonso, Marc Tey, and Joan Carles Monllau Hindawi Publishing Corporation Pain Research and Treatment, Volume 2015, Article ID 937431, 4 pages
  • Suture-Only Fixation Technique Leads to a Higher Degree of Extrusion Than Bony Fixation in Meniscal Allograft Transplantation Ferran Abat, Pablo Eduardo Gelber, Juan Ignacio Erquicia, Xavier Pelfort, Gemma Gonzalez-Lucena and Juan Carlos Monllau 1592 Abat et al The American Journal of Sports Medicine, 2012, Vol. 40, No. 7
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17th ESSKA Congress

Es un orgullo para Equilae participar en la organización del XVII Congreso de la European Society of Sports Traumatology, Knee Surgery & Arthroscopy (ESSKA), que se celebrará en Barcelona del 4 al 7 de Mayo.

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Hospital Universitario Quirón Dexeus
Ed. Consultas Externas 2a Planta - ICATME
Calle Sabino de Arana, 5-19 - 08028 Barcelona
T. 93 205 43 62