The Spanish National Congress of Arthroscopy and Knee Surgery awards Equilae for its scientific work

At Equilae, we continue to maintain our commitment and passion for scientific work. This has served us well, earning us recognition from the scientific community over the last few years. During this time, national and international journals have published a great number of articles featuring our research and written by various members of our unit.

Thanks to constant effort in our scientific work, our team, led by Dr Juan Carlos Monllau, has received two prestigious awards. They were presented to us at the 6th AEA-SEROD Joint Congress, held from the 24th to the 26th of May in Zaragoza.

Equilae was awarded the prize for Best Article Published in a Leading International Journal for our recent work on lateral meniscal transplantation, published in the American scientific journal Arthroscopy and entitled ‘Capsulodesis Versus Bone Trough Technique in Lateral Meniscal Allograft Transplantation: Graft Extrusion and Functional Results’. Dr Àngel Masferrer presented it in the team’s name.

In addition, we received a second award for Best Surgical Video for our video entitled ‘Reconstruction of both cruciate ligaments with parental grafts in patients with open physes’, which was presented by Dr Pablo Gelber.

Just as they did at the ESSKA congress in Glasgow several days before, our team members played a prominent role at the congress, participating in various presentations, scientific discussions and live surgeries.

In Zaragoza, the great professionals that make up our unit once again made us proud, both of them and of the new recognition that our scientific and surgical work in the field of knee surgery and arthroscopy has received. We will keep working to remain a leader in this area. Thank you to everyone who made this possible!