Equilae introduces a new concept to the world of knees: the Meniscus-Tibial-Popliteus-Fibular Complex


At Equilae we are constantly working on different lines of research with the aim of improving the results obtained after a surgical procedure.

Once again, the investigations carried out have borne fruit, giving rise to a recent publication, by means of the prestigious Arthroscopy journal, which shows the results of an anatomical and histological study by means of dissecting cadaveric knees.

The study assesses the anatomical relationship existing between the body of the lateral meniscus and the lateral meniscotibial, popliteomeniscal and popliteofibular ligaments. The set that these structures form (recently called the Meniscus-Tibial-Popliteus-Fibular Complex) and the relationship between them could play a significant role in the extrusion of the lateral meniscus.

This work shows a thorough and accurate analysis of said anatomical region that, from now on, will help to improve the understanding of the injury mechanism of the lateral meniscus and will provide clear and appropriate nomenclature for this area of the knee. In addition, this new knowledge will contribute to developing various surgical techniques aimed at controlling extrusion after a meniscal transplant by repairing or reconstructing these structures.

This study goes hand in hand with another two (one with clinical outcomes and another radiological one) that were previously published and are part of the Doctoral Thesis of Dr Àngel Masferrer, a member of the Equilae team.

This working group is pleased and proud to be able to share these results with the whole international scientific community.

You can access the article published in the Arthroscopy journal here.